About me

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I have experience leading people.

I’ve worked as the HR Manager of the head office of a multi-billion-dollar corporation — one of the top 100 innovative companies in the world. There, I was a team leader and supervised over 500 people.

I spent several years working in various industries as an HR Manager, including aeronautics, aerospatial, sustainable habitat, and recruitment firms. I was known for managing c-level executives’ careers and empowering them by building trust and speaking to their souls.

I have down-to-earth business experience.

Before retraining as a coach, I studied Business and HR Management. I used to get straight A’s throughout schooling and graduated from my Master’s class as top of classes.

I’ve worked on high-profile projects during my corporate career, including some for the CEO of a publicly-traded company.

I also accurately managed human resources in a strategical merger and acquisition (M&A) for a recycling company, working alongside the CEO and resulting in operational success. I’ve always been engaged in the company’s sustainable growth I’ve worked for.

I’m a challenge and adventure seeker.

In 2017, I embarked on a journey through Southeast Asia with no return ticket and no itinerary in mind. I spent over a year traveling alone with only a backpack.

In the winter, I trekked for three weeks in the Himalayas to reach a point higher than the first Everest Base Camp. This is still one of my most difficult challenges to date. I visited a tribe that lives with its dead and sea nomads in the middle of the Indian ocean. I also voluntarily taught English to children in Laos.

I did 3 silent meditation retreats in my life. A 3-day one in a Thai Buddhist monastery in 2017, a 10-day one in a meditation center in Bali in 2021, and another 10-day at home in 2021.

I’m a human, after all.

I’m more of a super-human being than a Superman. 😅

I’ve been through three cycles of depression in my life, the last one in late 2020. At the end of my corporate life, I became addicted to weed. I ended it in 2019 when I decided to not smoke anymore.

Despite my success as a coach, I still ask myself, “But who am I to coach people smarter, wealthier, and more successful than me?” And when anxiety gets the best of me, I tend to deal with it by compulsively eating junk food.