About me.

I have a lifelong obsession with making our world a better home
leaving a better planet to the current and next generations.
And I believe the best way to do this is to make humans better.

Virtue is my compass. I have a Stoic and Buddhist mindset.
I look for the uplifting energies in people and expand them.
My obituary will start with, ”Kévin was a man of compassion.”

My ‘LinkedIn-friendly’ bio

Kévin is used to intellectual excellence. From elementary school to college, he got straight A’s and even graduated with his Master’s Degree as top of class. He moved to several cities/schools during his childhood and teenage years, which allowed him to develop high-level coping skills.

At age 22, he was a Human Resources Manager at AAA, an outsourcing company for the private and military aviation and aerospace sectors (1,800 employees). He was in charge of career development and gender policy. At 24, the CEO of Everglass, a glass recycling company and a major player in eco-circularity (35 employees), entrusted him with HR management in a multi-million dollar merger and acquisition.

At 25, he was the HR Manager at the headquarters of Saint-Gobain, a multi-billion dollar company with a start-up spirit, the world leader in light and sustainable construction (200,000 employees). He had his own team and supervised over 450 people. He was known for coaching C-level Executives, managing young talent acquisition, and remote work projects. 

At 26, he traveled the world alone for over a year with just a backpack, no return ticket, and no itinerary in mind. He explored the Indonesian and Philipino islands, the edges of Malaysia, the high Himalayan peaks in Nepal, the Thai beaches, and the slums of Laos. And since he was 27, he’s been coaching Founder-CEOs wealthier, smarter, and better at their jobs than he could be. He plays at the top of his game.

My ‘real-life’ story

I struggled with relationships, friendships, and trust in men for most of my life. In school, I was not only the nerd but also always the “new kid” as I changed towns or schools every few years. I was lonely with imaginary friends in my head, I used to be picked on by the other boy. And I preferred class to recess.

In my early adulthood, I lived the “young corporate leader’s dream”: I had a well-paying job with lots of responsibilities in one of the most beautiful citiesParis. But the truth is, I couldn’t find any meaning in my career. I was depressed, burned out, and addicted to weedI was smoking up to 10 joints a day at 24. My 9-to-5 life made no sense to me. I knew there was more to life than that, but I couldn’t find an answer.

At 26, I took a leap of faith by backpacking around the world after selling all my belongings in France. Honestly, it was not only a leap of faith, but also an escapeI ran away from my problems and lack of fulfillment. But I didn’t know at the time that these burdens were within me and would join me on my journey from day one. After more than a year of a wonderful nomadic experience, I took radical responsibility for my life and decided to do the hard inner work I had avoided for so long.

Today, I live in Southeast Asia. I found my purpose. I have created so much peace, gratitude, and joy but I still have my own demons and shadows that play tricks on me. And even though I’m a prosperous entrepreneur, I still have my impostor syndrome that asks me, “Who the hell do you think you are to coach successful CEOs?”. I’m only human, after all, in search of enlightenment.

A different glimpse
into my life