High-level coaching
for leading CEOs.

Is that you?

A few years ago, you were seen as “the crazy one, the misfit, the rebel, the troublemaker, the round peg in the square hole, or the one who see things differently, not fond of rules, and who have no respect for the status quo.”

And, one day, you decided to move away from viewing the world like everyone else. You made a shift in your life. Today, you’re seen as “a visionary, genius, brilliant, and thought leader.” You inspire others; they admire and follow you.

You lead a successful business, at the 7-figure stage or above, that is less than a decade old, with a mission to create a better and more sustainable future for all — in areas such as health, wellness, education, employment, entrepreneurship, social equity, or the environment. And you’re known for being a top-performer, people-centered leader, lifelong learner, and out-of-the-box.

Over the past few years, you’ve had to constantly adapt your responsibilities and be on all fronts at once to cope and comply with your company’s growth — while figuring out your CEO role as best as you could.

The thing, though, is that even if you’ve successfully built a world-class culture and results while navigating these ‘bumpy years,’ you have no plan to settle where you are. You know that what you’ve created so far is tiny compared to what you can create in the years to come.

CEO coach and client

Why me?

The best way to honor my inner purpose is by serving today’s leading CEOs on a mission to create a sustainable impact on the world.

I am designed to guide people. My talent is to absorb your energy, channel it, amplify it and send it back to you so you can perform at your best.

I see my work as making ripple effects with the most human touch.

I make a dent in your mind, the way you think, feel, speak, breathe, love, lead, and see the world. As a result, you expand your spirit, soul, heart, and mind to keep making an even more significant impact on yourself, your loved ones, your team, your business, your clients, your community, and the world.

To make it short, I disrupt you so you can keep disrupting the world even better. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Discover the 3 ways
to work together

The Deep Dive

$45,000 | 10-month | A proactive quest to level up & deepen your CEO role toward 10x results

For ambitious CEOs driven by a bigger vision, willing to take the next leap in their business impact and learn to efficiently lead exponential culture change.

The VIP Laundry

$15,000 | 10-session credit | A high-level thinking partnership

For creative CEOs used to figuring things out smartly and doing things differently, but who are also curious and open to being challenged to grow.

The Long Story Short

$7,500 | 1-month | An intensive inner journey in style & content

For mindful CEOs seeking to turbo-charge their drive, confidence, and clarity of mind to quickly realign themselves with their mission/vision.