Breakthroughs made easier for Deep Tech CEOs.

Who said that changing the world has to be hard?

Disrupt your assumptions — unlearn and relearn. Simplify your thought process. Focus on human-centered approaches. Optimize your leadership style. Increase your performance. And multiply your global impact easily.

From lab to fundraising to MVP,
your first CEO years were tough…

When starting up, no need to reinvent the wheel.

As a rookie CEO, you had to figure out how to grow your business. Every day brought its own challenges. Most of your strategic decisions were improvised or made from good advice. You did the best you could do.

…and now it’s time to go beyond what common sense would allow.

New technologies also require new ways to lead.

Life is ready to give you a breakthrough experience. The world needs it. Use your current success as a catalyst. But what got you here won’t get you there. Look for new possibilities to win with ease.

Discover the 3 ways
to work together


US$15,000 | 6-month | 1-on-1

High-level consulting to help you drive your culture change and make a quantum leap
with your team.


US$25,000 | 6-month | 1-on-1

Deep coaching to help you create real, lasting success
and fulfillment, in all areas
of your life.


US$15,000 | 10-session credit |

Spiritual, intellectual, and emotional challenges to boost your clarity and confidence, when you need it most.