Breakthroughs Made Easier
for Deep Tech CEOs

Is that you?

You’re the CEO of a funded Deep Tech company that is less than a decade old, obsessed with the mission to create a more sustainable future for all.

Over the past few years, you’ve coped with your successful company’s growth — while figuring out your CEO role as best as possible. However, you’re still driven by a bigger desire and vision to change the world for the better.

Your current challenge is to create your next breakthrough. And now that your team is growing, you’re required to be radically more different, agile, and efficient in the way you lead. This is where our partnership starts. I help you simplify and optimize your leadership style so you effortlessly leap toward your next exponential success.

Discover the 3 ways
to work together

The Deep Dive

$45,000 | 10-month | A proactive quest to level up & deepen your CEO role toward 10x results

For CEOs at the Seed or Serie A stage, driven by a bigger vision, willing to take the next leap in their business exponential impact.

The Premium Laundry

$15,000 | 10-session credit | A high-level thinking partnership

For CEOs at the Serie A stage or beyond, used to figuring things out smartly but who are also curious and open to being challenged to grow.

The Long Story Short

$7,500 | 1-month | An intensive inner journey in style & content

For all-level CEOs seeking to turbo-charge their self-awareness, alignment with their mission/vision, drive, confidence, clarity of mind, and results.