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a high-level coach.

Invitation to
work with me 1-on-1

This is an invitation for you, a (former) CEO, executive, or corporate/start-up leader ready to start a highly significant, sustainable, and highly profitable coaching business now, even if you don’t know how to get there.

I help you get there in less time and with less effort than you’ve ever given. To do so, I coach, mentor, and disrupt you to make you experience what you’re about to do with your future clients so you can lead and coach by example later on.

CEO coach and client

I use a no cookie-cutter approach. Everything we cover together is challenging but practical, transformational, and science and evidence-based. The goal is to optimize your personal performance, maximize your results and drive your transition efficiently.

Together, we focus on
the three following pillars:

1. Your exponential vision

To be exponential, your bold vision/goal for your coaching business must be personal — an inner desire, not something that someone told you to do — and irrational — you’re here to play a bigger game and make a bigger impact than ever! Before we work together, I make sure your vision meets these two criteria.

You must know where you’re going and define your aiming point. Our first month is devoted to making your goal vividly viewable in your mind, with closed eyes (we cover the impact you want to make, who you want to coach, how much money you want to generate, etc.). Your goal is to describe it in such detail that anyone can understand and imagine it in the same way.

As a result, your bold vision becomes your “magnetic north” that sets the direction and pulls you toward it, with a heartful desire to make it happen.

2. Your exponential attitude

Your attitude is the sum of how you think, speak, and act. To have an exponential attitude, you must behave as if you’ve already achieved your vision (without asking ”how to get there?”.)

The same way a Hollywood actor-tress plays a character, I will make you think, speak, and act as your future self. My clients who do this keep sending me messages starting with, “OMG, Kevin! You won’t believe what happened!”. You experience a breakthrough in effortless performances and rewire your beliefs: no more “harder work” and “things take a long time.” You rely on your human potential alone to achieve greater success — faster.

As a result, your life becomes a gathering of synchronicities and epiphanies aligned with what you intend to create, such as from the thoughts you become aware of, the intuitive hints you have, the people you meet, the invitations you receive, or the opportunities that pop up out of nowhere — you get exponential results.

 3. Your exponential skills

As a coach, you need to learn two vital aspects: the art of coaching powerful human beings and the business of coaching itself.

Beginners coaches tend to overestimate what coaching is. You think that a coach is somehow a ‘Superman’ while (s)he is simply a human being understanding how human works and mastering the skill of coaching. You also tend to forget that you have a business to manage (and there is a prosperous way to do it.)

I will mentor you on the coaching pathway. Our overall deep and uplifting coaching experience will help you to let go of the former manager bias that doesn’t serve you here and become more of a leader who uses coaching as a tool to create miracles.

As the former HR Manager of the head office of a multi-billion-dollar corporation — one of the top 100 innovative companies in the world (I also served multiple other industries) and as a coach for world-class CEOs, I’m your ideal mentor to leverage your transition.

Once you master the understanding of the human being’s potential (through the power of the mind,) the deep art of coaching (through techniques and tools to listen, question, and lead your clients powerfully), and how to grow your business sustainably (by 1. connecting with someone, 2. inviting them to a coaching conversation, 3. creating their first results, and 4. proposing them a package), you become an exponential coach and create magic in both your life and those of your clients — you get exponential results.

In terms of logistics, you get:

  • Eight months of 1-on-1 coaching (we meet three times a month)
  • Direct access to my WhatsApp for follow up and laser coaching calls
  • My welcome gifts: a 35-page book that will drastically shift your view on exponential results + a coaching book
  • Challenges to complete between most sessions

I accept only 2 to 3 clients per year for this offer. When you’re willing to shift your paradigms and play full in, you can expect your first results within the first few months. Our coaching is also an opportunity for you to refocus on yourself (while navigating your transition) and give your life a fresh boost.

I don’t ask for $50,000 to work together. Besides your time and energy, your financial investment is less than $25,000, which is a small fraction of the growth, revenue, and impact you’re about to generate. 😉

    If you’re interested in this offer,

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1 · Can you guarantee results?

    🤷‍♂️ Working with humans relies on uncertainty. No one can guarantee results about coaching or consulting. However, my work is evidence-based. I continually share the science behind what I do throughout our work together, making it easier for you to implement change.

    If you play full in and truly love your vision, you’ll get results far above your imagination. If you play with a lukewarm heart, you’ll get ordinary and predictable results.

    2 · How do if know if I'm a good fit?

    A few years ago, you were labeled by others, or even by yourself, “the crazy one, the misfit, the rebel, the troublemaker, the round peg in the square hole, or the one who see things differently, not fond of rules, and who have no respect for the status quo” (quoting Steve JOBS).

    And one day, you decided to move away from viewing the world like everyone else. You made a shift in your life.

    You created a significant impact in your previous career (in a corporate environment or a start-up).

    Today, you’re known for being a top-performer, people-centered leader, lifelong learner, and out-of-the-box.

    You know that what you’ve accomplished so far is still small compared to what you can accomplish in the years to come.

    You’re driven by money and recognition. But underneath it, what you’re truly seeking is impact and freedom.

    You’re aware that you have room to grow, improve and optimize as a human being.

    You enjoy being a beginner and starting something new from scratch.

    You’re not afraid of failure. You’ve got a track record of making mistakes, and you’ve learned from every one of them.

    You’ve already invested in yourself (your health, your well-being, your growth).

    You’re open-minded and curious. You live as close to your values as possible. And you want simplification — in both the personal and professional aspects of your life.

    3 · Is coaching a personal or business expense?

    The invoice for the coaching is for your company. My clients pay the full amount before they begin coaching. I also accept payments in installments over the first two months of coaching if needed for accounting purposes.

    4 · Can you tell me more about you?

    Yes, of course!

    My name is Kevin. I’m 30 years old. I was born in France, and I’ve been living in South East Asia for almost 4 years.

    Apart from coaching, I have a particular attraction for subjects related to movies (secrets of filming, making-of, etc.), aesthetic minimalism, space, human potential, and words (poetry, rhymes, wordplay, reading, language, etc.). And I’m fascinated by everything that revolves around the mysteries of life.

    My gift is to absorb people’s energy, channel it, amplify it and send it back to them so they can perform at their best. My aura magnetically calls others to invite me to join, share, lead, etc. I’m designed to guide people.

    I get my best results when I work for short periods and then rest. I’m not one to be told, “Just do it!” or “Work hard and make it happen!” It’s through the recognition and invitation of others that I succeed the most and use my energy most effectively.

    I’m an expert on teams and human beings.

    I’ve worked as the HR Manager of the head office of a multi-billion-dollar corporation — one of the top 100 innovative companies in the world. There, I was a team leader and supervised over 500 people.

    I spent several years working in various industries as an HR Manager, including aeronautics, aerospatial, sustainable habitat, and recruitment firms. I was known for managing employees’ and c-level executives’ careers and empowering them by building trust and speaking to their souls.

    I’m a regular on business issues.

    Before retraining as a coach, I studied Business and Human Resources Management. I used to get straight A’s throughout schooling and graduated as valedictorian of his Master’s class.

    I’ve worked on high-profile projects during my corporate career, including some for the CEO of a publicly-traded company. I accurately managed human resources in a strategical merger and acquisition (M&A) for a recycling company, working alongside the CEO, and resulting in operational success. I’ve always been concerned with the sustainable growth of the company I’ve worked for.

    Plus, like you, I know what it is to build a successful business from scratch!

    I’m a growth-oriented person.

    I’m a leader at heart. I’m an official TED Circles host, an open community of small groups that discuss big ideas. Every month, I bring together entrepreneurs to create a global conversation on disruptive topics. I also thrive on meaningful connections. Every Monday, I’m part of a “MENtorship” meeting, where men-only members openly discuss personal issues that are important to them.

    While knowledge-based tools (books, movies, etc.) are vital, I value learning through concrete experiences. One of my last real-life growth experiences was an 11-day silent meditation retreat.

    I’m a challenge and adventure seeker.

    In 2017, I embarked on a journey through Southeast Asia with no return ticket and no itinerary in mind. I spent over a year traveling alone with only a backpack.

    In the winter, I trekked for three weeks in the Himalayas to reach a point higher than the first Everest Base Camp. This is still one of my most difficult challenges to date. I visited a tribe that lives with its dead and sea nomads in the middle of the Indian ocean. I voluntarily taught English to children in Laos. I also went on a meditation retreat in a Thai Buddhist monastery.

    I’m a human, after all.

    I’m more of a super-human being than a Superman. 😅

    I’ve been through three cycles of depression in my life, the last one in late 2020. At the end of my corporate life, I became addicted to weed. I ended it in 2019 when I decided not to touch a joint anymore.

    Despite my success as a coach, I still ask myself, “But who am I to coach people smarter, wealthier, and more successful than me?” And when anxiety gets the best of me, he tends to deal with it by compulsively eating junk food.

    As seen in

    Kevin’s praises

    Richard Saul WURMAN
    Founder, TED (TEDx & TED Conference) 

    All the questions people ask are divided into two parts:

    1. Speeches (somebody wants their five minutes of fame)
    2. Bad questions

    There are very few good questions; Questions are an art. Kevin asks good questions.

    Tanya LOPEZ
    Transformational Events Strategist & Designer | Former Head of Global Events & A-Fest at Mindvalley

    I experienced Kevin’s coaching during a few sessions and was impressed with his deep presence and energy.

    I instantly felt seen, supported, and comfortable. He goes deep with his questions and was very generous with his time and contributions which I hugely appreciated.

    I would recommend working with Kevin for someone who is curious about exploring coaching to take them to the next level.

    Founder & CEO, Azureo Inc.

    When I met Kevin, I knew that I needed to work on my mindset and limiting beliefs. But I did not know how badly I needed it. 😊

    With Kevin’s help, I could get rid of the memories that were preventing me from moving forward. I allowed myself to pursue my dream and live it each day before I even manifested it.

    Throughout the process, I was able to appreciate Kevin’s good heart and great patience. In addition to being resolutely human, his approach is rational and pragmatic.

    Any CEO who wants to achieve himself through audacious goals should work with Kevin, who gives you the tools to succeed. He understands you, knows your challenges, and can give you the right guidance.

    Kevin has a theoretical and practical knowledge of the functioning of the mind and the laws of the universe for hyperbolic performance gains. I could (or could not) have achieved the results I obtained on my own but working with Kevin is a great boost.

    Camilla HANSSON
    Founder & Owner, Camilla Organics | Miss Sweden

    I feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to do in my life, but I would like to do it on a bigger scale; I would like my business to be a really big global wellness one.

    Kevin made me realize that I need to be bolder. I have to take more risks. That switched something in me.

    Mathilda PERROT
    Visual Storyteller

    When I’ve met Kevin, I was aware that I needed to work on my mindset. I didn’t know how to manifest exactly what I want.

    With Kevin’s help and the work we did together, I could multiply by 4 my revenue since the first day we’ve started our collaboration.

    What I really needed was to focus on the experiences that I wanted to live to attract exactly what I needed. When I realized that, it had been a big change for me.

    Then, I felt way more focused than ever, and things started to be easier.

    Kevin was a pretty big help about it. Never judging, always the right words. He knows how to be kind and to push you at the same time.

    Charlo ALLIZARD
    Founder & Owner, Remote Workers | Start-up Advisor

    When I asked Kevin if we could work together I had it on my mind for quite some time already. I’ve had several coaching experiences in my life. But each coaching is different and brings new things.

    My main takeaway is Kevin’s rational take on frequencies and beliefs. He has a pragmatic way to explain the impact of thoughts on the reality you can shape for yourself. Fascinating and powerful.

    Kevin has a big heart and great patience. His listening capacity is just over the top. His approach is warm but leaves no place for bullshits.

    Joannie DUGUAY
    Coach for women

    Kevin is authentic and he will tell you what you need to know to help you suceed, even if you don’t want to hear it. That’s one of his strenght that I appreciated the most.

    Kevin was the best coach I ever had. I was one of the girls who didn’t believe in visualisation and the law of attraction, but he helped me believe it more than anything else.

    He’s really generous and he’ll do everything he needs to help you succeed even if you think it’s impossible!

    Vikram BHARATI
    Founder & CEO, Draper Startup House

    Kevin does well at distilling into very basic topics how to really manifesting an idea in your mind into reality.

    He asked me very interesting questions that helped me think about my personal and professional journeys.

    Founder & CEO, Job Connexion

    There are days that we would like to relive. The day I met Kevin by simple recommendation, I had no idea how 2020 would have been the start of a long inner journey that I thought was partly over.

    With an original, innovative, and patient approach, Kevin gave me back this strength that I thought I had lost, both for my professional and personal life.

    Understanding that coaching can be necessary to accompany each stage of life when one is standing still or quite simply to take a new course, I see things differently and with much more serenity.

    Thank you, Kevin!

    Sam ADAMS
    Coach for Athletes & Sports Professionals

    Working with Kevin helped me slow down, realize how fricking awesome I really am, and that all the things I thought were negative about me are actually great.

    From a business point of view, he helped me focus on what I truly wanted. He helped me craft and stretch my inner vision. It simplified my life. That feels fricking powerful. 🔥

    Being a CEO is just like being everyone else… human: flawed, yet awesome. We get stuck and lost. Sure we may be successful, but success doesn’t mean being happy and fulfilled. Kevin helps you with the “you” bit and focuses on the business and leadership as well.

    He put in front of me things that I’ve never read, listened to, or watched before. It helped me go to another level: embrace the universe, its energy, and my part in it. It helped me understand that I am a vibration and how to align with what I want.

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