Accomplished CEOs come to me
the intimacy and challenge
of high-touch coaching.

Most of my clients are well-rounded CEOs of profitable companies who care about serving others. They have over three years of experience as CEO and
are committed to making their company one of the go-to in their field.

Chances are that it took a lot of courage, work, and sacrifices for you to succeed as a founder. You took your initial vision off the ground by venturing into building, designing, engineering, recruiting, firing, selling, fixing, partnering, reporting, etc. You were there when something needed to be done or problems needed to be solved.

And today, it takes a lot of acuteness, resilience, and agility for you to succeed as a founder-CEO. You got your company running by balancing from your instinctive ‘doer’ mode to being the ‘leader’ that your team needs you to be—an actual CEO whose #1 priority is to serve their team, not a “founder with the CEO title.”

Now, efficiency is your motto. You want to simplify, optimize, and maximize your life as a CEO, leader, and human being. You could go for incremental growth, but it’s not what attracts you. You’re driven by a bigger desire; a higher contribution. You’re here to put a dent in the world; if not, why would you be here? You seek to keep pushing the limits, but not at the cost of burning out—in an easy, fun, fast, and peaceful way.

Your best ally today is to keep having the courage to think and act differently. And I’ve got you. It’s scary for you today to put at risk the success you’ve become, and your momentum, to create the next level of impact you have in mind. You probably didn’t have much to lose when you started. It is no longer the case.

My coaching is not for the faint of heart.

It is not for those who are getting started, but
for those doing good and aiming for excellence.

My clients are not broken and don’t need fixing.
I don’t tell them what to think, but how to think.
I challenge them. And I set them free.

They make several leaps of faith. And when they
can’t find the courage to do it, I push them off
the cliff without a second thought —always with
the greatest possible care.

If you need medication to treat mental illness, get a good psychiatrist. If you need to resolve trauma issues, get a good psychologist. If you need to be told what to do about your business strategies, get a good consultant. If you want to take radical responsibility for who you are being to effortlessly accelerate both your business and spiritual growth, work with me.

So what do your heart and intuition whisper? What drives your spirit? What is your current inner calling? What obsesses, excites, and scares you? What impact do you want to create that seems out of reach? What do you envision for the future that is so bold and far beyond your current situation? Is it about your company or yourself, or both? And what do you think is your biggest obstacle to it?

All my offers are 1-on-1
and tailored to your needs.

Do you prefer long-term, on-demand, or fast-paced support?