My 2024 vision.

What is it? It’s a detailed snapshot of what my business will look like, three years from the moment I created it—by December 2024.

Why do I share it? Because it brings my future into the present, which becomes an effortless reality. It’s a high-speed way to multiply effectiveness.
I train CEOs worldwide to use these detailed visions instead of traditional mission statements that are useless for exponential culture change.

My professional results

I’m so happy and grateful now that my coaching business operates primarily through word of mouth. I have successfully built a world-class community of virtuous Millenial Founder-CEOs. My past clients, current clients, and community spread the word about the benefits of working together through their closest network. These are the biggest accomplishment and rewards of my last seven years of work.

My business generates more than half a million dollars annually, making me financially free. I use this money for my daily life and to invest in personal and professional projects and purposes. Some of these investments — such as crypto, NFT, etc. — generate a passive income of tens of thousands of dollars per year.

I lead a small but fantastic team whose mission is to make everything work behind the scene without me:

    • a part-time personal assistant to manage the day-to-day administrative and logistical activities
    • a part-time creative assistant to handle most design activities, from brainstorming to practice

I thrive on being one of the go-to coaches for the millennial generation’s Founder-CEOs. Every job I do uses the best version of my mind and potential. Every day I show up as the next version of myself.

My work strategies

I’m so happy and grateful now that I work an average of 4-5 hours a day, putting aside my time on video calls to coach, for my podcast, or interviews. It’s the result of what I’ve been implementing for the past few years: optimizing my daily life to maximize results.

The core structure of my strategy relies on delivering valuable insights to my audience on LinkedIn. My email list is now over 1,000 people strong without promoting it. Each subscriber is a CEO who decided to sign up because of the value I provide. I don’t use ebooks, free gifts, masterclass, lead magnets, or anything else. I have high-level clients and followers, so I use a high-level strategy. It’s the least I can do for them.

Regularly, people tell me that they like what I share. It’s different from what they see online from other coaches. That’s proof that I’m doing a fantastic job and know what I’ am talking about. CEOs are receptive to my ideas because I know their reality, I have solutions to optimize their life and business, and they can access them without even working with me.

My podcast “Doing CEOs’ laundry“ is also what I’m known for worldwide! It’s ranked among the top business podcasts in several countries. It’s now one of the favorite podcasts for CEOs around the world. It’s an opportunity to publicly showcase my talent and coaching skills and coach brilliant and successful CEOs for free. Most of them become part of my audience and community if they’re not already. And gratefully, a few turn into clients later.

Thanks to my former clients, my current ones, my daily insights, and my podcast, I have achieved a high level of authority in my field. My influence has drastically expanded.

My personal life

I’m so happy and grateful now that I’ve reached a state where inner peace and calm are my usual modes. I wake up in harmony, with blind faith in life and myself, and balance between my masculine and feminine energies. I’m one with my human design strategy and authority. My face and body radiate wellbeing. I’m free, alive, fulfilled, and treated with respect and dignity. This new version of me brings more light and love into all areas of my life and has remarkably improved my relationship.

One of the most significant transformations happening for me compared to previous years is physical. I have increased my muscle mass and decreased my body fat. As a result, I look fitter than ever, and my metabolic age matches my actual age: 33. I’m lighter, stronger, and more flexible. I use Vipassana to release stress and trauma trapped in my body, which radically releases energy, improves my posture, and aligns my chakras.

I’m also the proud owner of a sea view plot of land on a hillside south of Lombok. We’re about to start the first stage of constructing the contemporary two-story villa we have designed. It will be our second home for vacations or weekend getaways. The rest of the time, we will rent the villa to tourists. It feels like living the dream! I’m so grateful!

I have a strong group of friends I can count on near home. They are mostly men, and we’re similar. We would rather discuss the mysteries of life or deep talk than play video games. We enjoy spending time in nature rather than watching sports on TV. We choose to get involved in important causes rather than spending hours in bars or clubs. I also developed solid friendships with some of my clients. We do our best to meet when we can, even if we live in different countries.

Every week, I also take time to discover or work deeper on activities that make me have fun and get me closer to who I am: painting, drawing, writing, poetry, acting, trekking, spending time in nature, exploring esoterical practices, or doing martial arts. Once a year, I take a few days to refocus on myself. The field of possibilities for what I can do is infinite. I follow the flow of my need at the moment without anticipating what might be best for me.

Finally, once a year, Michelle and I become “digital nomads” for a few weeks. We go to new countries from which we can work and explore. We go to music festivals, make road trips in vans, stay in unusual locations, see magical landscapes, etc. We enjoy this time because it’s a chance to break our daily routine, change, learn, discover new cultures and perspectives, rediscover ourselves and our relationship and meet each other again.