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Would you make one of your relatives “Head of UI/UX” of your business simply because they know how to draw? Or “Head of Infrastructure” because they know the meaning of ‘Ctrl+Alt+Suppr’?

There are no more reasons that you would let your co-founders, c-level executives, or team be the ones challenging you because you trust them and they get to spend time with you

Properly expanding CEO’s thinking is not something you make up. It’s expertise. It’s a skill.


Here’s what I say when a CEO asks me, “Why would I invest in having you think at my side and coach me when I already have my co-founders/c-levels/team (or even partner)?”:

Do they master the art and science of questioning?

Do they know what kind of questions to ask you to hack your ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) and make you feel calmer?

Do they know how long to hold a conversation about your vision or dreams to activate your PNS activity (Parasympathetic Nervous System), associated with emotions such as awe, joy, or curiosity?

Do they know what questions to ask you to make you stay in a deeply meditative state of mind for more than 10 seconds?

Do they know the effects of thoughts and emotions on your DNA? And how to control them to make performance leaps?

Have they spent years of their life understanding human being’s potential to become an expert on it?

Do they know how the mind and the brain work?

Do they have skills in psychology?

Do they know what challenges to give you to make your mind automatically focus on your goals?

Are they 100% objective when they challenge you? Are they looking to serve your best interests without thinking about theirs?

Are they courageous enough not to please you but to serve you and make you grow no matter what?

Do they have the guts to tell you that you’re such full of shit when needed, without hurting your ego?

Do they know what tools to use to make you come out with your own answers to essential questions in less than 1 hour?

When they come to you, is it to listen to you deeply? Or to tell you what they think, advise you, and try to guide you towards a specific direction?

Do they know how to slow you down to speed up your results?

Do they have the habit of encouraging you to fail?

Do you have open talks with them about your sexual life, your childhood traumas, your anxiety, and your worries?

Do they know that despite all your achievements, all your beautiful life from outside, you still live with a deep shiny feeling of not enough and frustrating unfulfillment?

Do they know that the more successful you become, the more alone you are?

Do they know that you keep a secret that success comes more easily for you than the traditional belief? And that you often feel lazy?

Do they know that one of the most challenging things for you to do at the moment is to put at risk all you’ve accomplished in order to keep growing your business?

Do they spend most of their time listening to brilliant CEOs and 7+ figure business owners/founders?

Have they experienced the cost of success?

Do they know that even if you’re rolling in dough, the odds are that you’ve only traded the “9-to-5 employee’s rat race” for another one?

Do they know that you don’t feel as free as everyone thinks you are?

What do you want help with?

Do you want to navigate success and its challenges? Work less, and have more fun? Stop over-thinking 24/7 and have more peace of mind? Prioritize your personal/family time over your professional one? Get to know you better? Let go of your reason and intellect to expand your wisdom? Reconnect to your built-in confidence, playfulness, creativity?

Do you want to grow or pivot your business? Decide on your next long-term goals? Take bolder risks? Have more clarity on where you are and where you go? Write a book? Build an extraordinary team? Have more impact on your business while being less present at work? Lead naturally, without strategies, tricks, or book tools?

Having me at your side as an expert on high-level thinking and CEOs’ life will turbo-charge your project, business, or life.

Each of our conversations adapts to your needs as they arise.

Sometimes you may need high-level brainstorming, in-depth coaching, problem-solving, deep thinking about your values, or strategy development and implementation.

Sometimes I listen deeply. Sometimes I bring solutions to light. And sometimes I tell you what you need to hear most, even if it’s not easy.

My job is to challenge you to do your best. I pull you up, stretch your imagination, expand your mind, show you new opportunities, push you to your limits and make you get on a more efficient path towards your goal than if you went alone.

In terms of logistics, you get:

  • Four months of 1-on-1 online video calls (we meet three times a month)
  • Direct access to my personal WhatsApp for follow up and laser calls when needed
  • Challenges to complete between most conversations

Besides your time and energy, your investment is more than $10,000 but less than $20,000, which is small compared to the additional growth and peace of mind that our partnership will help you generate.

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Kevin’s praises

Richard Saul WURMAN
Founder, TED (TEDx & TED Conference) 

All the questions people ask are divided into two parts:

  1. Speeches (somebody wants their five minutes of fame)
  2. Bad questions

There are very few good questions; Questions are an art. Kevin asks good questions.

Transformational Events Strategist & Designer | Former Head of Global Events & A-Fest at Mindvalley

I experienced Kevin’s coaching during a few sessions and was impressed with his deep presence and energy.

I instantly felt seen, supported, and comfortable. He goes deep with his questions and was very generous with his time and contributions which I hugely appreciated.

I would recommend a discovery call with Kevin for someone who is curious about exploring coaching to take them to the next level.

Founder & CEO, Azureo Inc.

When I met Kevin, I knew that I needed to work on my mindset and limiting beliefs. But I did not know how badly I needed it. 😊

With Kevin’s help, I was able to get rid of the memories that were preventing me from moving forward. I allowed myself to pursue my dream and live it each day before I even manifested it.

Throughout the process, I was able to appreciate Kevin’s good heart and great patience. In addition to being resolutely human, his approach is rational and pragmatic.

Any leader who wants to achieve himself through audacious goals should work with Kevin, who gives you the tools to succeed.

Founder, Camilla Organics | Miss Sweden

I feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to do in my life, but I would like to do it on a bigger scale; I would like my business to be a really big global wellness one.

Kevin made me realize that I need to be bolder. I have to take more risks. That switched something in me.

Mathilda PERROT
Visual Storyteller

When I’ve met Kevin, I was aware that I needed to work on my mindset. I didn’t know how to manifest exactly what I want.

With Kevin’s help and the work we did together, I could multiply by 4 my revenue since the first day we’ve started our collaboration.

What I really needed was to focus on the experiences that I wanted to live to attract exactly what I needed. When I realized that, it had been a big change for me.

Then, I felt way more focused than ever, and things started to be easier.

Kevin was a pretty big help about it. Never judging, always the right words. He knows how to be kind and to push you at the same time.

Founder, Remote Workers | Fullstack Maker

When I asked Kevin if we could work together I had it on my mind for quite some time already. I’ve had several coaching experiences in my life. But each coaching is different and brings new things.

My main takeaway is Kevin’s rational take on frequencies and beliefs. He has a pragmatic way to explain the impact of thoughts on the reality you can shape for yourself. Fascinating and powerful.

Kevin has a big heart and great patience. His listening capacity is just over the top. His approach is warm but leaves no place for bullshits.

Founder & CEO, Job Connexion

There are days that we would like to relive. The day I met Kevin by simple recommendation, I had no idea how 2020 would have been the start of a long inner journey that I thought was partly over.

With an original, innovative, and patient approach, Kevin gave me back this strength that I thought I had lost, both for my professional and personal life.

Understanding that coaching can be necessary to accompany each stage of life when one is standing still or quite simply to take a new course, I see things differently and with much more serenity.

Thank you, Kevin!

Joannie DUGUAY
Coach for women

Kevin is authentic and he will tell you what you need to know to help you suceed, even if you don’t want to hear it. That’s one of his strenght that I appreciated the most.

Kevin was the best coach I ever had. I was one of the girls who didn’t believe in visualisation and the law of attraction, but he helped me believe it more than anything else.

He’s really generous and he’ll do everything he needs to help you succeed even if you think it’s impossible!

Founder & CEO, Draper Startup House

Kevin does well at distilling into very basic topics how to really manifesting an idea in your mind into reality.

He asked me very interesting questions that helped me think about my personal and professional journeys.

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