The CEOs Laundry

Welcome to the first coaching podcast for CEOs.

Join us on ‘The CEO’s Laundry‘ and discover the hidden reality of today’s top CEOs.

Each episode is an inspiring coaching session—where a CEO gains insights and clarity to overcome personal/business/leadership challenges or goals. Learn to reflect and grow with the behind-the-scenes of these successful leaders.

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Guests Testimonials

Guillaume MOUBECHE
Founder & CEO, Lempire 

“It’s very different from any podcast that I’ve done in the past! I left the recording with good and relevant tips and questions, so that’s great. Congrats on that Kévin!”

Founder & CEO, Nomads Giving Back

“At this point, I’ve probably done 30 to 40 podcasts. This one is definitely different, there is no other one like this one! I loved the experience.”

Founder & CEO, Kala Therapy

“The experience helped me get more clarity and gave me confidence. I realized that I don’t have to be so hard on myself. It was phenomenal and amazing!”

Vice-Chairman & former CEO, Scarf

“As CEO, there is always something that you can improve. That’s why I value coaching. I’ve enjoyed Kévin’s external nudges to help me continue to develop myself.

AJ Brau
Co-Founder & CEO, Wander

“I loved the format! I’ve been looking for a long time for this kind of podcast. I’m coming away feeling I want to be better, and I can become better. Thanks, Kévin!”

Founder & CEO, SEZ & BaseX

“Kévin created a space that allowed me to share my vulnerability and I felt comfortable with that. This is the most important for me. I loved it!”

Co-Founder & COO, Whoomies

“I felt great at the end of the recording. I’m not really used to talk about my personal challenges. It was really interesting to deep dive into it work/life balance.”

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Imagen Insights

”The innovative format in which Kévin runs the session was very fun and refreshing. It was interesting to feedback on each others’ challenges with my co-founder.”

Co-Founders & CEOs, Results Imagery

“We did more than 200 podcasts. It’s the first time that 45mns in, we forget it’s a podcast thanks to the flow of the conversation. It felt like a therapy session.”

Founder & CEO, Kenji ROI

“This format is definitely interesting! I’ve come to realize that doing some more meditation and journaling on the topic of identity could be beneficial for me.”

Rashik HOQUE
Founder & CEO, Onethread

“I really liked the open conversation. There was something fruitful for me in it. I realized I need to dedicate more time to my personal growth.”

Eric Espinosa
Co-Founder & former CEO, Coconut VA

“Kévin knew how to dig into areas that needed my focus. It was a rare authentic conversation for a Zoom. He provided a calm, centered space for this to happen.”