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Kévin’s Praises

Founder & CEO, Job Connexion

There are days that we would like to relive. The day I met Kévin through word of mouth, I had no idea how 2020 would have started a long inner journey that I thought was partly over.

He has this calm and patience to understand everyone. He never rushes things until the real questions to be addressed are brought to light. His great knowledge in mindset, psychology, business, whether technical or philosophical, is used to approach the work with a lot of serenity.

Kévin is also very surprising and far from the classic coaches. He trained himself in a self-taught way and then applied his methods and personality, which enriches the exchanges enormously.

What a CEO needs, Kévin answers. Being alone, assuming responsibilities, being in conflict, having doubts, we all have that when we manage a business. His experience with many CEOs allows him to parallel the experiences of each one while keeping the distance and discretion necessary for a high level of support.

Thank you, Kévin!

Jeneen GACEK
Founder & CEO, Remindful Life

The coaching with Kévin assisted in freeing up my mind and supporting me in becoming more embodied in my business & life. It allowed me to think beyond the restrictions and artificial boundaries that I had placed on myself and provided me the space for renewed possibility and hope.

For me, business & personal life are intertwined so I feel the growth that I experienced as a business owner is the same growth that I experienced as a human being. I released myself of my own limitations, let go of fears that I didn’t even know I had, and woke up to new possibilities and a re-ignited internal spark.

A CEO could definitely benefit from working with Kévin. He is a deep listener with insightful questions. Kévin creates a positive environment for reflection and self-examination which leads to shifts in belief & a heightened sense of possibility.

Founder & CEO, Spatialist

As CEO, I’m a unique breed. The stresses and pressures, the strains, and the opportunities are unique to my role.

On the human side, coaching gave me self-examination and perpetual personal growth. On the executive side, I increased my abilities for agility and gained strategies to pivot gently or radically, depending on the situation.

I choose to invest in working with Kévin for two reasons:
– His professional corporate background,
– His constant focus and desire to better understand the nature of the CEOs.

Kévin displays a sensitivity dial, a toughness that he can turn up or turn down. He is willing to be kind instead of nice, and wouldn’t let me get away with the bullshit I seemingly serve up as my standard answers. I appreciate his brutal honesty, which, in truth, I sometimes need.

Any CEO who wishes to improve themselves or their company should consider working with a CEO coach. Kévin is the best I’ve found. I had the best return on investment and experience.

Richard Saul WURMAN
Founder, TED (TEDx & TED Conference) 

All the questions people ask are divided into two parts:

  1. Speeches (somebody wants their five minutes of fame)
  2. Bad questions

There are very few good questions; Questions are an art. Kévin asks good questions.

Event Strategist | Former Head of Events & A-Fest at Mindvalley

I experienced Kévin’s coaching for a few sessions and was impressed with his deep presence and energy.

I instantly felt seen, supported, and comfortable. He goes deep with his questions and was very generous with his time and contributions which I hugely appreciated.

I would recommend working with Kévin for someone who is curious about exploring coaching to take them to the next level.

Founder & CEO, Draper Startup House
(Formerly Tribe Theory)

Kévin does well at distilling into very basic topics how to really manifest an idea in your mind into reality.

He asked me very interesting questions that helped me think about my personal and professional journeys.

Founder & Owner, Camilla Organics | Miss Sweden 2014

I feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to do in my life, but I would like to do it on a bigger scale; I would like my business to be a really big global wellness one.

Kévin made me realize that I need to be bolder. I have to take more risks. That switched something in me.

Founder & CEO, Nomads Giving Back & Nomads Skillshare

Kévin’s coaching helped me create the space to raise awareness of my thought process and familiar patterns. I gained better clarity and uncovered answers from within to some essential questions. This process led me to make more conscious decisions aligned with my personal mission.

After our collaboration, I felt clearer and better to lead my team from a more centered state of mind. Talking through complex situations helped me carefully dissect and better analyze the true dynamics behind my challenges.

I recommend Kévin to CEOs who have a passion for personal development, seek a more positive mindset, inspire teams, and create their own authentic visions. His style is thought-provoking and empowering!

Mathilda PERROT
Visual Storyteller

When I met Kévin, I was aware that I needed to work on my mindset. I didn’t know how to manifest exactly what I want.

With Kévin’s help and the work we did together, I could multiply by 4 my revenue since the first day we started our collaboration (which was my goal).

What I really needed was to focus on the experiences that I wanted to live to attract exactly what I needed. When I realized that, it had been a big change for me.

Then, I felt way more focused than ever, and things started to be easier.

Kévin was a pretty big help about it. Never judging, always the right words. He knows how to be kind and push you at the same time.

Founder & CEO, Azureo Inc.

When I met Kévin, I knew that I needed to work on my mindset and limiting beliefs. But I did not know how badly I needed it. 😊

With Kévin’s help, I could get rid of the memories that were preventing me from moving forward. I allowed myself to pursue my dream and live it each day before I even manifested it.

Throughout the process, I was able to appreciate Kévin’s good heart and great patience. In addition to being resolutely human, his approach is rational and pragmatic.

Any CEO who wants to achieve himself through audacious goals should work with Kevin, who gives you the tools to succeed. He understands you, knows your challenges, and can give you the right guidance.

Kévin has a theoretical and practical knowledge of the functioning of the mind and the laws of the universe for hyperbolic performance gains. I could (or could not) have achieved the results I obtained on my own but working with Kévin is a great boost.

Joannie DUGUAY
Coach for women

Kévin is authentic and he will tell you what you need to know to help you succeed, even if you don’t want to hear it. That’s one of his strengths that I appreciated the most.

Kévin was the best coach I ever had. I was one of the girls who didn’t believe in the power of the mind and the universe’s laws, but he helped me believe in it more than anything else.

He’s really generous and he’ll do everything he needs to help you succeed even if you think it’s impossible! He adapts his coaching to your needs and he’s available anytime you need support.

I would highly recommend Kévin to CEOs because his coaching is very complete. He can really help you with your business that’s for sure but also with all your life’s spheres.

Founder & Owner, Remote Workers | Start-up Advisor

When I asked Kévin if we could work together, I had it on my mind for quite some time already. I’ve had several coaching experiences in my life. But each coaching is different and brings new things.

My main takeaway is Kévin’s rational take on frequencies and beliefs. He has a pragmatic way of explaining the impact of thoughts on the reality you can shape for yourself. Fascinating and powerful.

Kévin has a big heart and great patience. His listening capacity is just over the top. His approach is warm but leaves no place for bullshits.

If you’re a CEO, coaching with Kévin gives you exponential power and enables you to tap into resources you didn’t know you had. This, in turn, will impact your company and your team for the best.

Coach for Athletes & Sports Professionals

Working with Kévin helped me slow down, realize how fricking awesome I really am, and that all the things I thought were negative about me are actually great.

From a business point of view, he helped me focus on what I truly wanted. He helped me craft and stretch my inner vision. It simplified my life. That feels fricking powerful. 🔥

Being a CEO is just like being everyone else… human: flawed, yet awesome. We get stuck and lost. Sure we may be successful, but success doesn’t mean being happy and fulfilled. Kévin helps you with the “you” bit and focuses on the business and leadership as well.

He put in front of me things that I’d never read, listened to, or watched before. It helped me go to another level: embrace the universe, its energy, and my part in it. It helped me understand that I am a vibration and how to align with what I want.

Alexis HORTA
Founder & Owner, Jetpack

I hired Kévin because I wanted to be challenged and deeply understood to move forward in a difficult moment of my life.

His coaching has given me determination and inner calm. I do things more naturally and with powerful energy. Even if it wasn’t one of my goals, I have stopped smoking, made resolutions that make me feel good and undertaken a real transformation of my professional future.

I loved his approach, calmness, and ability to identify the true intentions behind the words. He always has the right question. As well as being naturally friendly and caring.

I recommend Kévin as a CEO coach because he will always make them better human beings and, therefore better leaders.

Founder & CEO, Pick My Brain

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I write to CEOs to simplify, optimize, and maximize their lives. They’ve been in their role for over four years, are still pulled towards bolder horizons, and recognize that, more often than not, they question themselves despite their success and recognition. Join me if you’re tired of micro tools, tips, and tricks and want solutions to radically accelerate your business and spiritual growth.

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Guillaume MOUBECHE
Founder & CEO, Lempire 

“It’s very different from any podcast that I’ve done in the past! I left the recording with good and relevant tips and questions, so that’s great. Congrats on that Kévin!”

AJ Brau
Co-Founder & CEO, Wander

“I loved the format! I’ve been looking for a long time for this kind of podcast. I’m coming away feeling I want to be better, and I can become better. Thanks, Kévin!”

Co-Founders & CEOs, Results Imagery

“We did more than 200 podcasts. It’s the first time that 45mns in, we forget it’s a podcast thanks to the flow of the conversation. It felt like a therapy session.”

Founder & CEO, Nomads Giving Back

“At this point, I’ve probably done 30 to 40 podcasts. This one is definitely different, there is no other one like this one! I loved the experience.”

Founder & CEO, Kala Therapy

“The experience helped me get more clarity and gave me confidence. I realized that I don’t have to be so hard on myself. It was phenomenal and amazing!”

Vice-Chairman & former CEO, Scarf

“As CEO, there is always something that you can improve. That’s why I value coaching. I’ve enjoyed Kévin’s external nudges to help me continue to develop myself.

Founder & CEO, SEZ & BaseX

“Kévin created a space that allowed me to share my vulnerability and I felt comfortable with that. This is the most important for me. I loved it!”

Co-Founder & COO, Whoomies

“I felt great at the end of the recording. I’m not really used to talk about my personal challenges. It was really interesting to deep dive into it work/life balance.”

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Imagen Insights

”The innovative format in which Kévin runs the session was very fun and refreshing. It was interesting to feedback on each others’ challenges with my co-founder.”

Founder & CEO, Kenji ROI

“This format is definitely interesting! I’ve come to realize that doing some more meditation and journaling on the topic of identity could be beneficial for me.”

Rashik HOQUE
Founder & CEO, Onethread

“I really liked the open conversation. There was something fruitful for me in it. I realized I need to dedicate more time to my personal growth.”

Eric Espinosa
Co-Founder & former CEO, Coconut VA

“Kévin knew how to dig into areas that needed my focus. It was a rare authentic conversation for a Zoom. He provided a calm, centered space for this to happen.”