Leadership Consulting

US$15,000 | 6-month | 1-on-1

High-level consulting to help you drive your culture change
and make a quantum leap¹
with your team.

¹quantum leap: moving from your current level of achievement to one that is several levels higher — directly. It implies an ‘explosive jump’ far beyond the next logical steps. It’s a high-speed move without a time-consuming struggle. Instead of accepting gradual improvments, you go for a breakthrough.

You have the desire to 10x your impact and become one of the
go-to companies in your field.

I help you get there in less time and with only a fraction of the effort that you put into your business since you started it.

I use a no cookie-cutter approach. Everything we cover is challenging
but practical.
We go beyond theory and get down to business. It’s actionable change management that impacts your company exponentially. All thanks to natural laws driving your human potential.

For 10 months, we focus on the
3 following exponential pillars:

1. Your exponential vision

Can each member of your team close their eyes and accurately describe where you want your company to be in 3 to 5 years? Do you dare express your biggest desires about what you want your company to be, no matter your fears and what people could think about you? Do you have a cultural process that makes everyone in your team have real clarity on what they have to create for the future without constantly going back to you about it?

Let’s make you answer ”Yes!” to each one of these questions.

What are we
going to do?

To be exponential, your vision must be personal and irrational (before we start working together, I will make sure that these two criteria are met):

      • it’s your inner calling, an inner obsession that excites you just thinking about it,
      • and it’s so bold and far beyond where you’re at now that you have no idea how to get there quickly and easily.

We will make your vision for your company’s future vividly viewable in your mind. Your goal is to describe it in such detail — through a more or less 5-page document — that anyone inside or outside your company can close their eyes and imagine the same picture as you. It is a 360° assessment in different areas: your impact, reputation, product, culture, organization, finances, customer relationship, etc.

In this way, you create a clear and precise aiming point for everyone, which is mandatory for a collective quantum leap.

As the CEO and leader, it is your responsibility to set the course. If you and your employees don’t all have the same vision of what your company will look like, there’s no chance it will ever come to fruition as you see it in your mind today.

At this point, don’t worry about how you’ll build it; focus on describing what you see. The paradox is that the bigger your vision, the easier it will be to get there. The compounding effect of your team’s pursuit of the vision is key in the process.

Once done, your vision becomes the new business leader, the “magnetic north” that sets the direction and brings clarity to your entire team.

It’s a universal statement that attracts everyone who resonates with it and wants to contribute to its realization. It’s a magnet for aligned job candidates, board members, customers, investors, PR people, etc.

Why are we
going to do it?

2. Your exponential attitude

Do you feel like the way you show up to the world makes you be the best inspirational role model you could ever dream to have? Do you feel that you’re the proactive creator of everything that is happening to you, rather than coping or complying with it? Do you live with absolute faith in the future, pulling toward you all the necessary epiphanies you need to create your ultimate impact with ease?

Let’s make you answer ”Yes!” to each one of these questions.

What are we
going to do?

Your attitude is who you are being in each moment. It’s the sum of how you think, speak, and act. To have an exponential attitude, you must behave as if you’ve already achieved your vision (without asking “how to get there?”.)

The same way a Hollywood actor-tress plays a character, we will make you think, speak, and act as your future self.

Who will you be, how will you feel, and what will you do once you have achieved your vision? We will make you be it, feel it, and do it now. To create different results — especially exponential ones — you must behave differently. A great attitude is not the result of success;
success is the result of a great attitude.

As the CEO, your attitude is an inspirational role model. If you stake your hopes for a breakthrough on trying harder than ever, you may kill your chances for success. Get ruthless about trying something different. Disrupt yourself. Get out of the box of your thinking.

My clients who do this keep sending me messages starting with, “OMG, Kevin! You won’t believe what happened!”.

You experience a jump in effortless performances and rewire your beliefs. No more ‘harder work’ and ‘things take a long time.’ You rely on your human potential alone to achieve greater success — faster.

This is called being ‘in coherence’ or ‘in resonance’ with your vision. All you’re doing is using natural and universal principles tricking your reality from your subconscious mind to your Reticular Activating System (RAS) to the quantum law of vibration.  

As a result, your life becomes a gathering of synchronicities aligned with your vision, such as the thoughts you become aware of, the intuitive hints you have, the people you meet, the invitations you receive, or the opportunities that pop up out of nowhere.

Why are we
going to do it?

3. Your exponential team

Do you have a cultural process that allows a flow of the right person after another to join you and assemble the missing pieces of your puzzle? Do you feel that every member of your team is so skilled and driven that every day seems like a miracle of results? Do you lead in a way that allows you to operate only from your genius zone, which gives you a complete sense of sovereignty, freedom, and impact?

Let’s make you answer ”Yes!” to each one of these questions.

What are we
going to do?

Once your exponential vision is shared and appointed as the new business leader, your responsibility is to coach your team toward it.

I train you to master coaching as your new leadership style. You will learn coaching in two ways. First, by being coached by me, so you lead by example. Second, I will teach you the best coaching strategies to use to lead your Chief Officers and drive efficient change.

Meanwhile, we also go through activities to attract, recruit and develop the key people aligned with your vision. We cover:

      • your job-offers headline (a summary of your vision),
      • your foundational values (the filters that define who is a good fit to join your team) and organizational values (the guidelines that define how to work in harmony as a team),
      • your team’s attitude (building their commitment to your vision, handling their resistance to change, improving communication),
      • and creating a culture of empowerment (your employees are your best ambassadors — help them become more of a leader by building their personal branding and your business branding at the same time, for no cost.)

The old days of the authoritative CEO, who is supposed to know it all and have his team bending to his will, are over. Today is the time of the collaborative CEO, who creates more leaders than followers.

In 2022, the VUCA principles (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) are more present than ever. And in Deep Tech — where innovation is king — it’s even truer. The fast pace of change is hard to follow, which demands a radically agile approach to ‘CEOship.’

We’re entering an era of Decentralized Leadership (in reference to DeFi). Your team is your best asset. The more power you give them, and the more you learn to act as a compass for them, the higher your chances of sustainable success. Don’t count on you to reach your exponential vision, count on the compounding effect of all of you.

Being a coach as a leader is crucial. Even Google identified that coaching is the #1 skill of their best leaders (source: Google’s internal leadership researches, ‘Project Oxygen‘ and ‘re:Work’).

Why are we
going to do it?

The logistics of the business consulting

  • Six months of 1-on-1 sessions (we meet three times a month /
    2 hours per session / July and August are off)

  • Unlimited support that can include sessions with
    your co-founders or Chief Executives

  • Direct access to my WhatsApp for follow-up
    and laser creative thinking calls

  • My welcome gift: a 35-page book that will shift
    your view on exponential results

  • Challenges to complete between most sessions

I work with only two CEOs per year for this offer, hand-picked and whose vision inspires me. When you’re willing to shift your paradigms and play full in, expect your first results within the first months.

Besides your time and energy, your financial investment is $15,000, a small fraction of the additional transformation, revenue, and impact you’re about to generate. Altogether, you invest as much with me as you would in a year by hiring a new team member. 😉

If you’re interested in this offer,

click the button below to email me

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 · Can you guarantee results?

🤷‍♂️ Working with humans relies on uncertainty. No one can guarantee results about coaching or consulting. However, my work is evidence-based. I continually share the science behind what I do throughout our work together, making it easier for you to implement change.

If you play full in and truly love your vision, you’ll get results far above your imagination. If you play with a lukewarm heart, you’ll get ordinary and predictable results.

2 · How do if know if I am a good fit?

Your vision isn’t just a mere dream. You’ve already taken action to get there, and nothing will stop you.

You’re self-aware enough to know that a part of you is driven by money and recognition. But underneath it, what you’re genuinely seeking is impact and freedom.

You’re conscious that you have room to grow, improve and optimize as a human being and a CEO.

You enjoy being a beginner and starting something new from scratch.

You’re not afraid of failure. You’ve got a track record of making mistakes, and you’ve learned from every one of them.

You’ve already invested in yourself (your health, well-being, and growth) and your team’s development.

You live as close to your values as possible. And you want simplification — in both the personal and professional aspects of your life.

3 · Is consulting/coaching a personal or business expense?

The invoice is for your company.

My clients pay the full amount before they begin. I also accept payments in installments over the first two months if needed for accounting purposes.

4 · What do VCs or co-founders think of consulting/coaching?

Everyone has their own opinion.

CEO coaching is gaining momentum, though. It’s popular for top-performing companies’ CEOs (and even require at times). Ultimately, your VCs or co-founders are investing in you. They want you to be the best you can be as a CEO and as a human being. Investing in yourself is perfectly aligned with their goals. 👍

5 · Do I need consulting/coaching if I have co-founders or board members?

I love this question! Here’s my unconventional answer:

Did they learn how to coach CEOs? Do they have proper coaching skills?

Do they know how to lead a conversation about your vision to activate emotions such as awe, joy, or curiosity?

Do they know the effects of thoughts and emotions on your DNA? And how to control them to make performance leaps?

Have they spent years of their life understanding human being’s potential to become an expert on it?

Do they know how the mind works? Do they know what challenges to give you to make it automatically focus on your goals?

Do they have skills in psychology?

Are they 100% objective when they challenge you? Are they looking to serve your best interests without thinking about theirs?

Are they courageous enough not to please you but to serve you and make you grow no matter what?

Do they have the guts to tell you that you’re such full of shit when needed, without hurting your ego?

Do they know what tools to use to make you come out with your own answers to essential questions in less than 1 hour?

When they come to you, is it to listen to you deeply? Or to tell you what they think, advise you, and try to guide you towards a specific direction?

Do they know how to slow you down to speed up your results?

Do they have the habit of encouraging you to fail?

Do you have open talks with them about your sexual life, traumas, anxiety, and worries?

Do they know that despite all your achievements and beautiful life from outside, you still live with a deep shiny feeling of not enough and frustrating unfulfillment?

Do they know that the more successful you become, the more lonely you feel at the top?

Do they know that you keep a secret that success comes more easily for you than the traditional belief? And that you often feel lazy?

Do they know that you don’t feel as free as everyone thinks you are?

You see, coaching isn’t a superpower. It’s not a random or innate ability either. Coaching is a skill that takes time to master.

Working with an external coach allows you to openly share what’s on your mind (which can be hard to do with your co-founders or board) and benefit from real expertise.